Maximum Beaglebone

People ask me about cover photo on my book. Why to have such dull cover photo when other Packt books have nice photos?

That photo contains all components connected that are covered in the book. All programs to drive them can run simultaneously. To achieve this, I had to use different pins for each connection. To sum up all, here is the list of components connected
1. 8 LEDs(Red)
2. pushbutton controlling LED(Green)
3. LDR
4. TMP36/LM35 temperature sensor
5. 1 LED for PWM(Big red LED)
6. Servo motor
7. ADXL345 accelerometer via I2C
8. Nokia5510 LCD via SPI
9. Loopback UART

Yes. They all work simultaneously. This creates high load on Beaglebone. But Beaglebone handles it fine. This is possible because Beglebone comes with whopping 92 external pins. Very few other boards give these many pins available for connection. Here is connection details drawn using fritzing.

Still there are many digital, analog and bus pins available to connect more components. Disabling HDMI and eMMC can give even more GPIO and bus pins.